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Notation Stifles Arithmetic Intuition Building

There are a multitude of ways to represent additive and multiplicative operations. Typically students will learn something like the following for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division respectively. Where a,b are real numbers.

a+ b, a - b, a \times b, a \div b

Here I am just going to enumerate the problems with these basic notations and why similar notations do not work either, and then conclude with modern notations that are well suited to these operations.

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Australia Needs Higher Education Reform

Australia Needs Higher Education Reform

University funding is in a crisis. The current model has put the tertiary sector in a downward spiral of increasing enrolments, decreasing services and cutting staff and other services. After six years in office and spending $300 billion dollars more than they had, federal Labor actually cut university funding by half a billion dollars. With the sole exception of deregulating the number of commonwealth supported places, two Labor governments have made no attempt to deal with the worsening problem of our underfunded universities.

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Abbottsolutely Sincere

The sixth annual closing the gap report was given by Prime Minister Tony Abbott last Wednesday week. He recalled the impact that Paul Keating’s “Redfern Park Speech” in 1992 had on him as a parliamentary staffer, and proclaimed that, “Our failures towards Australia’s first people are a stain on our soul”. This is demonstrative of a man impassioned by a cause and serious about fighting for its resolution, and could be a career defining address for Australia’s 28th Prime Minister.

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ACT Marriage Laws to be Challenged in High Court

ACT Marriage Laws to be Challenged in High Court

Attorney General George Brandis announced on Thursday that the federal government would mount a high court challenge to new same sex marriage legislation expected to pass through the ACT legislative assembly in October. Brandis has also requested that no couples be married before the high court verdict is reached, this request has been denied by ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher.

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