Month: December 2013

ACT Marriage Laws to be Challenged in High Court

ACT Marriage Laws to be Challenged in High Court

Attorney General George Brandis announced on Thursday that the federal government would mount a high court challenge to new same sex marriage legislation expected to pass through the ACT legislative assembly in October. Brandis has also requested that no couples be married before the high court verdict is reached, this request has been denied by ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher.

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Glenn Lazarus Rising

Glenn Lazarus Rising

Australia is a conservative country; we enjoy stability, predictability and despise drama in the top office. This has borne out over the last two federal elections with Tony Abbott’s opposition almost unseating an incumbent single  term government and then three years later defeating them in a landslide of the same kind as that seen in 1996. With ninety seats announced for the coalition at the time of this article’s writing and two more predicted, this victory shows a deep distrust in Australia for the leadership we have experienced for the last six years under Labor.

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